The foregoing records a brief history of the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade. It was prepared with the purpose of placing on record some memories, particularly those of the longer-serving or retired members, of the earlier days. Many of the calls attended have not been recorded or mentioned in these notes, not because they were not significant, but simply so as not to bore the reader. There have been the odd outbreaks of suspicious fires and annoying neighbourhood rubbish fire disputes. Thankfully, the "persons reported" calls, except for the odd motor vehicle accident (although these unfortunately are on the increase), have not been serious within the area.
The brigade exists to protect the citizens and their property. In general the public appreciate the service rendered, without realising that value for money-wise, they get a very cheap service. Long may it continue.
The Epilogue...
District Chief Fire Officer Noel L. Quinn passed away on the evening of 4 September 1995, while preparing to attend the regular Drill Night, and Meeting night of the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade.
In excess of 200 Fire Brigade Members, and ex-members from throughout New Zealand attended the Funeral Service.
The President of the United Fire Brigades Association of New Zealand, Ray Topia, placed the UFBA Gold Star recognising 25 Years of Service to the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade upon the flag draped casket during the service, and the Wellington Area Chief Fire Officer Graeme Wrigley read an eulogy. (Reproduced over).
The cortage, consisting of the Fire Appliance Newlands 291, and Johnsonville 281 following the casket-carrying Turntable Ladder 416, with a Police escort, proceeded past the Newlands Fire Station to receive a final salute and a mournful last fire call from the siren. En route to the final resting place, an honour guard of city-based appliances presented a final salute to an esteemed and respected member of the New Zealand Fire Service.
At the time of his death, the manuscript of this history of the brigade was finished and was being proof-read in preparation for publication. The Brigade Members in consultation with Noel's widow, Gill, and her family decided to continue with the planned publication, as a final farewell to Noel.
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  Noel Lawrence Quinn