Total Calls to 31 December 2003 - 120
Total calls 2002 - 141

2003 was a little quieter for the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade as we continued battling to remain open. The decision late in the year by the Right Honorable George Hawkins that Newlands Station was to stay was met with celebration by brigade members and with a huge sigh of relief from the Newlands and Paparangi communities.

One of the other highlights for 2003 was the opportunity to burn down a house in Glanmire Road. This gave the Newlands Volunteers a rarely offered opportunity to train in a controlled, live fire situation.

  Calls 2003
28/12/03 Aotea Hospital, Alarm Activation
25/12/03 Bracken Rd, Power Lines Down
24/12/03 Blackrock Rd, Gas Leak
20/12/03 Bancroft Tce, Storm Damage
18/12/03 Stewart Dr, Property Fire
13/12/03 Taylor Preston, 2nd Alarm
13/12/03 Stewart Dr, C.P.R
11/12/03 Balmain St, Pot on Stove
10/12/03 Terrance Gr, Smell of Gas
03/12/03 Padnell Cres, Incinerator
25/11/03 Station 28, Cover move
19/11/03 Station 28, Cover move
18/11/03 BNZ Johnsonville, Alarm Activation
15/11/03 Bracken Rd, Flooding
15/11/03 Rakapoi Dr, Flooding
13/11/03 Newlands Rd, CPR
09/11/03 Mark Avenue, CPR
09/11/03 Bracken Rd, Flooding
05/11/03 Kenmore St, Vegetation Fire
31/10/03 Bancroft Tce, Gas Leak
30/10/03 Archibald St, Rescue
25/10/03 Newlands Road, P.F.A
20/10/03 Pritchard St, Washing Machine Smoking
18/10/03 Newtown Station, Cover Move
18/10/03 Stella Gr, M.V.A. Truck on Car
17/10/03 Rakopi Dr, Flooding
03/10/03 Newlands Rd, Manhole Cover
03/10/03 Mark Avenue, Chimney Fire
27/09/03 Miles Cres, Ambulance Assist
26/09/03 Dress Circle, Gas Leak
25/09/03 Edgecumbe St, Roof Lifting
25/09/03 Newlands Arms, P.F.A
18/09/03 Kenmore St, Power Fire
18/09/03 Ferhaven Gr, Wind
06/09/03 Pimlico Pl, Oven Fire
03/09/03 Trebann St, Garage Door - Wind
31/08/03 Stewart Dr, Property Fire
28/08/03 Cortina Ave, Flooding
26/08/03 Black Rock Rd, Real Estate Sign on Fire
25/08/03 Woodridge Dr, Smell of Burning
25/08/03 Beazley Ave, Smoke Alarm Activation
21/08/03 Melvina Major Retirement Village, P.F.A
16/08/03 Tree Top Lane,
09/08/03 Fitzpatrick St, Car Fire
08/08/03 Alwyn Pl, Dryer on Fire
29/07/03 Burgess Rd, Smoke Alarm Activation
24/07/03 Newlands Rd, Rubbish Fire
24/07/03 Fernwood Ct, Smoke Alarm Activation
18/07/03 Newlands Rd, Rubbish Fire
18/07/03 Quigley St, Smoke Alarm
18/06/03 Helston Rd, Rubbish Fire
15/06/03 Johnsonville Mall, 2nd Alarm
10/06/03 Glanmire Rd, Roof Lifting
10/06/03 Maraval Cr, Storm Damage
10/06/03 Petherick Cr, Roof Lifting
10/06/03 Maraval Cr, Storm Damage
09/06/03 Bennett Gr, Roof Lifting
09/06/03 Helston Rd, Roof Lifting
09/06/03 Ruskin Rd, Power Lines Down
06/06/03 Churton Leigh Hospital, Alarm Activation
06/06/03 Beazley Ave, Chimney
06/06/03 Ceres Cr, Stove Fire
30/05/03 Helston Rd, Alarm Activation
09/05/03 Sheridan Tce, Scrub
09/05/03 Glover St, Alarm Activation
08/05/03 Sheridan Tce, Scrub
07/05/03 Newlands Rd, Rubbish
05/05/03 Stewart Dr, Oven Fire
04/05/03 Bancroft Tce, Scrub
20/04/03 Pinkerton Gr, Gas Leak
19/04/03 Horokiwi Rd, CPR
18/04/03 Oswald Cr, Smell of Burning
17/04/03 Baylands Dr, MVC
09/04/03 Chetwode Gr, Smoke Alarm Activation
08/04/03 Newlands Rd, Car Fire
08/04/03 Walton Leigh Dr, Structure
07/04/03 Johnsonville Club, Alarm Activation
06/04/03 Newlands Rd, Motor Vehicle Crash
06/04/03 Countdown Johnsonville, Alarm Activation
31/03/03 Johnsonville Mall, Alarm Activation
25/03/03 Chesterton Street, Rubbish fire
24/03/03 Curacao Pl, Pot on Stove
23/03/03 Glanmire Rd, Smoke in area
22/03/03 Sunhaven Dr, Electrical
21/03/03 Porirua Station, Cover move
19/03/03 Dress Circle, Smoke in area
18/03/03 Middleton Rd, Smoke in area
18/03/03 Johnsonville Station, Cover move
18/03/03 Porirua Station, Cover move
14/03/03 Bronwyn Way, Flooding in house
12/03/03 Nalanda Cr, Property Fire
12/03/03 Main Rd, Johnsonville Alarm activation
11/03/03 Newlands Rd, Car Fire
08/03/03 Johnsonville Mall, Alarm activation
03/03/03 Glanmire Rd, Smoke alarm activation
01/03/03 Main Rd Johnsonville, Alarm Activation
28/02/03 Kentwood Dr, Fire works
26/02/03 Stn 28, Cover move
26/02/03 Stn 23, Cover move
26/02/03 Stn 22, Cover move
21/02/03 Hinemoa St, Alarm activation
18/02/03 Longcroft Tce, CPR
17/02/03 Horokiwi Rd, Smoke alarm activation
12/02/03 Trebann St, Smell of burning
10/02/03 Newlands Rd, Rubbish fire
10/02/03 Newlands Rd, MVC
09/02/03 Stn 28, Cover move
09/02/03 Mark Ave, Rubbish fire
07/02/03 Newlands Rd, Car fire
06/02/03 Stn 28, Cover move
06/02/03 Stn 23, Cover move
05/02/03 Stewart Dr, Tree fire
30/01/03 Baylands Dr, CPR
23/01/03 Johnsonvale Home, Alarm activation
16/01/03 Chesterton St, Smell of burning
06/01/03 Mark Ave, Alarm Activation
04/01/03 Tyres Road Scrap Metal Yard, Structure FIre
04/01/03 Petone Structure Fire

Stn 28, Cover Move